Quotes 9

The change is radical-
it gives us new natures,
it makes us love what we hated
and hate what we loved,
it sets us in a new road;
it makes our habits different,
it makes our thoughts different,
it makes us different in private,
and different in public.

C. H. Spurgeon  (on conversion)
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Life has but two ends, and one end has been used.
Take care of the other end.

Broken wings take time to mend
Before they learn to fly again.
On the breath of God they’ll soar,
They’ll be stronger than before.
Don’t look back into the past,
What was fire now is ash.
Let it all be dead and gone,
The time is now for moving on.

butterfly by Paul Villinski

I believe that God is in me
as the sun is in the colour and fragrance of a flower-
the Light in my darkness,
the Voice in my silence.
Helen Keller

I looked at God and He looked at me,
and we were one forever.
C. H. Spurgeon

Sieger Köder

Without Christ I was like a fish out of water.
With Christ I am in the ocean of love.
Sadhu Singh

This is the unique element in the gospel,
which tells us that
what we could never do,
God has done. 
We cannot climb up to heaven to discover God,
but God has come down to earth, in the person of his Son,
to reveal himself to us in the only way we could really understand:
in terms of a human life.
J. N. D. Anderson