Poems 16

Hold You

"How often I’ve longed to gather your children,
like a hen, her brood safe under her wings –
but you refused and turned away" – Jesus Christ.
Matthew 23:37

Let Me wrap My arms around you

and love your pain away

Shower you with kindness

Whisper, “It’s okay!”


Grief that looks out from your eyes

will shortly disappear

As held within My warm embrace

I urge you not to fear


Come closer now and you will feel

this beating of My heart

Rest your soul upon My chest

Let Me peace impart …


A fresh sense of security

not in earthly things

but in the certain refuge

of the shadow of My wings

Alec Depledge


see also: reflections

The One

  Write about the One

who makes the skies

absolutely beautiful.

Write about the One

who calmed

every storm in your heart.

Write about the One

who holds you closely

to Himself—


every moment,

whatever the time,

never missing

any big or little thing,

even your every breath.

Pam Carbungco,
Even in a storm