Quotes 7

Jesus has made the life of his people as eternal as his own.
Charles H. Spurgeon

It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels he is worthy of himself
and claims kinship to the great God who made him.
Abraham Lincoln

God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from himself, because it is not there. 
There is no such thing.
C. S. Lewis

Better to be in a storm with Jesus then anywhere else without Him.
author unknown

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass
It's about learning to dance in the rain.
author unknown

Life may cut you down
Yet your roots are strong beneath
You will rise once more
Alec Depledge

Someone has pointed out that the mere knowledge of religious truth
“without an honest attempt at translating it into action and putting it into practice,
will not profit a person very much.” 
Medicine left in a bottle, unused, will not help anybody. 
Machinery stored in a shed and never used will be of small value to anyone. 
Books that are kept on a shelf and never read will help nobody.
Abraham Feldman

We are not cistern made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.
Billy Graham

In all His dispensations God is at work for our good. 
In prosperity, He tries our gratitude;
in mediocrity, our contentment;
in misfortune, our submission;
in darkness, our faith;
under temptation, our steadfastness;
and at all times, our obedience and trust in Him.

Happy moments, PRAISE GOD. 
Difficult moments, SEEK GOD... 
Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD. 
Painful moments, TRUST GOD. 
Every moment, THANK GOD..

A scholarly foreigner was employed to translate the New Testament into his native language. 
After a while, he exclaimed, “What a marvelous Book this is!”
 “Why do you think so?” asked the missionary.
“Because it tells me so exactly about myself. 
It knows all that is in me. 
The One who made this Book must be the One who made me!”